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Integrated Telephony Solutions


Today, companies are switching to VoIP in their telecommunications infrastructures to avoid high costs of traditional telephony carriers. Using this technology, organizations can

  • make international calls only paying the Internet bandwidth costs
  • make free internal calls between their branches all over the country provided they have an Intranet

In some countries like Iran where the transition from PSTN to VoIP is not fully occurred, it is necessary to connect these two type of telephony networks. Takpardaz offers this type of integration based on one of the most famous open source software products in this field, Asterisk.

Using this technology, the integration of PSTN network, VoIP network, analog phones, IP phones, soft phones, and mobile phone can be done perfectly: asterisk-voip.jpg

Telephony Applications

Telephony applications play an important role in today's activities of many major organizations. With powerful capabilities of Asterisk, it is possible to develop advanced telephony applications. These applications usually need to integrate with other software applications and databases. For example, we can integrate your accounting software with Asterisk to provide you with a telephony service for your customers to call a number and query their last accounting information. These application can vary from simple IVR systems to very complex telephony customer relationship systems or intelligent information centers.

As an example, you can think of a telephony center which serves you by reading your latest emails every time you call it and enter your password! Or it can read you the latest news, or the latest status of the stock market. Every telephony application you could possibly imagine, it's our art to turn it into reality for you