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Monitoring Software

Increase accuracy and improve ma

Increase accuracy and improve management of your factory with TPO Monitoring.

Control Performance Monitor is the only hatchery software product in the market that used for monitoring, tuning and modeling capabilities in hatchery factories. Control and multivariate step testing capabilities, coupled with the ability to automatically collect and analyze data, allow Control Monitoring software to not only improve control performance but sustain it as well.

This product helps manager to discover mistakes or faults in hatching process.

The control monitoring software ability is:

    - Report Center

In this section, software prepare more than 64 useful reports such as: Alarms report, Set points report, Tests report, Machines activity report and statistics report.

    - Alarm Messenger

Alarm messenger is a useful tools for alerting work peoples or manager using the IP network. This tool tells the appeared alarm.

    - Monitoring

Any authenticated people can see and monitor any selected machine on IP network.

    - Offline Monitoring

All history of factory save on computer. Manager can see any information happened before in the factory.

By control monitoring software you can see, test and manage your factory any where, any time. Please contact us