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Hatchery Controller

Increase productivity and improve bird quality and save your money with TPO incubator controllers.

TPO’s Multi-Stage Incubation System advances eggs efficiently through the incubation process in a precisely controlled environment.

All Multi-Stage Incubators are equipped with TPO’s dependable PT-500 microprocessor controls for accurate monitoring and control of incubator set points.

The unique environmental system of TPO’s Multi-Stage Incubators concentrates conditioned fresh air to cool the oldest eggs, while using the heat and carbon dioxide from the advanced eggs to warm the early developing embryos. This process ensures each stage of development receives its proper mixture of heat, moisture and carbon dioxide, resulting in an increased production of higher quality day-old birds.

TPO's controller based on advanced and recent microcontroller technology. It is in competition by Jamesway products (Made in Canada). You can find installed TPO's product in factories :

Company name Installed systems
Paygir Poultry Company 40
Zardis Makian Poultry 28
Pardis Poultry Company 28
Homa Poultry Company 26
Darya Poultry Company 32
Dorna Poultry Company 8
Zarpa Poultry Company 22
Mottahed Poultry Company 4
Al amir Poultry Company (Iraq) 5
Gholneshin Poultry Company 20
Zard kord Poultry Company 16
Ghadir Poultry Company 13