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Short for Virtual Varian Machine, VVM is a real world emulator that mimics the instruction set of the Varian computer of 80's. Therefor it can be used as a replacement everywhere those retired huge computing systems are still in use [read more].


Hatchery Controller

High-precision and robust temperature and humidity controller used in high-volume hatching rooms with a capacity of 100K eggs [read more].


Sensor Board

An analog to digital converter, capable of converting signals from PT series sensors into digital streams of very high precision [read more].


RS485 Multiport

RS485 multiport device is mainly used for connecting hatchery equipments to the monitoring server. However, It can be used in any other industrial environment where it is necessary to manage and monitor several devices and equipments [read more].


Monitoring Software

Full-featured monitoring software designed to manage and monitor Takpardaz hatchery equipment from anywhere in the world over an Internet connecion. [read more].


Tenant Software

This software is developed for Special Solutions Company in Canada. In that country, lots of companies posses apartment buildings. This software can manage and keep records of their tenants, payments, payment delays, etc. [read more].


IFAS Automation

Ordered by Institute of Fighting Against Smuggling, this automation software is used to keep records of contraband criminals. [read more].